Advanced software research for advanced people

Advanced software research for advanced people

Advanced software research for advanced people

A group of software engineers with networking experience created Advanced Software Engineering in 1995. Every day, our business software and services make people's lives better. Let us discuss what we can do for you.

What services does our software offer you?

With our business and market-focused solutions, you can enable your employees to accomplish more every day. Our platform allows finance teams to direct strategy and accelerate business growth. You can use our software and services to help turn your possibility into reality. We can help you excel in your area of expertise whether it's assisting you in delivering ground-breaking new items for your customers, or essential services for your clients.

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy acknowledge our duty and chance to improve the world. Everything we do depends on it. We are committed to leveraging technology to improve the world by fostering inclusive and varied communities, reducing inequalities, and promoting a safe world.

We have a Research Software Development team

As a result, we have established a devoted team of Research Software Engineers who have experience in both academic research and sound software engineering practices. We offer a service that enables researchers to create more readable, trustworthy, and effective code. We collaborate with researchers to provide the tools, guidance, and training they need to follow best practices and continue to produce long-lasting software in the future. Our work does not merely involve creating software on their behalf but also providing them with more security and protection.

We are Focusing on the following:

  • Giving technical guidance or oversight to research.
  • Short-term solutions versus long-term partnerships.
  • Architectural effort and design.
  • Implementing new techniques or algorithms.
  • Adding new elements to models or tools that already exist.
  • Tools for data import and export, such as those used in multiscale Modeling or interfacing with other codes, or loading new data types.
  • Enhancements to deployability, usability, performance, and/or reliability.
  • Development of web applications.

In addition to investing in sustainable practices because it is the right thing to do, we are doing so because we are aware that our partners, customers, and staff are looking to us for leadership and action on the problems that have the biggest impacts on society as a whole.

About us

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